Wafer Vision Inspection Handler

This is a high speed and high accuracy vision inspection system which provides mapping view and information. Its front pusher is installed with laser sensor to detect the absence and presence of the frame. Its shutter is equipped with pneumatic clamper and moves in X & Y axis for vision inspection. Vacuum sensor is installed in gripper system to detect frame slippage. It contains inking system to do marking on defect unit for ease of traceability. The frame will then be transfer back to the magazine after vision inspection and inking for defect unit.


Package Type Semiconductor devices
UPH 80,000 - 100,000
Minimum Detected Area 3mil × 3mil
Controller PLC or PC Based
AVI Capability 2D Mark Inspection
2D Package Inspection
Bottom Pad & Lead Inspection
Bottom Package Inspection
Communication IO, Serial Port, Ethernet
Dimension 1,900 mm(L) x 900mm(D) x 1,650mm(H)