AMB Series
In Line AOI Machine

AMB Series - In Line AOI Machine

Stationary camera station with high speed and high accuracy vision inspection system which support multiple package and type. Handler is designed with single shuttle only. Pusher is loaded with spring to prevent jam occurs and transfer the product in the machine. Shutter is equipped with built-in jig and index hold sensor to track frame alignment to ensure frame is in position. Shutter moves in X & Y axis for vision inspection. Clamper is used to reduce the warping of the frame.


2D/3D Inspection
In-Line SMEMA Protocol
Review System
Treatment Function


Subject Details
Package Type Semiconductor Device
Accuracy ± 0.010mm
Controller PC Based
Communication IO, Serial Port, Ethernet
Dimension 1,310mm(L) x 830mm(D) x 1,350mm(H)

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