Automated Optical Inspection & Vision Specialist for Semiconductors
Enhancing Semiconductor Quality Assurance
Pushing Boundaries, Challenging The Limits
As the industry demands increases dramatically, we are devoted to pushing the boundaries and challenging the limits of skills and knowledge. From design to execution, to achieve outstanding and satisfactory results.
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Machine Vision Specialist

We are a dedicated team committed to innovation and excellence.

Our AOI Machines


Wire Bond AOI Machine


Tray To Tray AOI Machine


Wafer AOI Machine

Vision Integration

With 20 years of excellence, ACA excels in seamless vision integration solutions, empowering industries with advanced technologies and optimizing manufacturing processes.

ACA Solution

ACA specializes in delivering comprehensive vision inspection solutions tailored to the specific needs of the semiconductor industry.

Our Vision Integration

Front / Middle of Line Semiconductor
End of Line Semiconductor
Other Industries

Our Other Features

Centralize Remote System
Semiconductor Equipment Communication Standard / Generic Equipment Model (SECS/GEM)

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