Vision Integration at ACA

With 20 years of excellence, ACA excels in seamless vision integration solutions, empowering industries with advanced technologies and optimizing manufacturing processes.

Front / Middle of
Line Semiconductor

Front-end of line inspection refers of the initial stages of the semiconductor manufacturing process, which includes the production of the semiconductor wafer. During this stage, visual inspection is performed on the wafer to detect any defects or irregularities in the material.

Front-end inspection can include techniques such as wafer AOI (automated optical inspection) and wafer skeleton AOI, which help to ensure the quality of the wafers being produced.


  • Trim and Form Process
  • Molding Process
  • Saw and Singulation Process
  • Wafer Mapping Process
  • Wire Bond Process
  • Ball Attached Process
  • Die Attach Process
  • Plating Process

End of
Line Semiconductor

End of line processes refer to the test, assembly and packaging of semiconductor products before delivering. We offer vision inspections and measurement at the final test process, tester and vision handler in various forms such as tape, tray and reel.


  • Laser Mark Process
  • Mark Scan Pack Process
  • Vision Handler
  • Tray to Tray Process
  • Reel to Reel / Tape to Reel Process
  • Test Handler


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